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RCS helps organizations to gain a keen level of “data visibility” of their IT asset environment. The asset inventory information becomes the foundation for both strategic and tactical IT Asset Management objectives.

Asset Inventory Services

Asset Inventory

As a leader in Asset Inventory services, RCS delivers baseline inventory projects with superior quality, in a concise timeframe, and with minimal disruption to your operations environment. The baseline inventory data delivered is highly accurate, complete, and consistent. In addition, unique asset tag numbers (e.g. barcode, RFID, etc.) are affixed to each asset and correlated to the asset records to further enhance the effectiveness of managing IT assets. RCS’s highly developed processes and understanding of the political and workplace issues leads to unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Our Asset Inventory Services include:

Comprehensive project planning utilising standard Project Management methodologies that takes into account a variety of issues to ensure a successful project.
Utilisation of electronic data collection tools customised for your project in order to optimise the integrity of the inventory data (both external data and internal configuration data).
Off-site quality assurance department that reviews every record and validates accuracy against proprietary database of 7,500 manufacturer model and serial number combinations.
Delivery of superior quality data in the layout you require to facilitate the population of your IT Asset Management (ITAM) database or other 

Asset Data Reconciliation

Reconciliation services to validate the effectiveness of asset tracking procedures (e.g. lease files, financial records, software licenses, etc.).
A global footprint that enables lower project costs while maintaining consistent, quality deliverables.
Aligning IT with the business goals of your organisation.
Increasing the economic return of your IT asset portfolio
Enhancing the utilisation of IT resources and lowering your operational costs.


Traxx is the oldest Fixed Asset Management Solution with our first installation in late nineties. This product is the evolution of over ten thousand man hours with feedbacks from some of the best asset managers from Global MNCs.