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Managing compliance across the Globe

COMPAS is a Compliance Management System. It helps managing compliance by configuring and monitoring compliance tasks across Organizations. It reminds stake-holders of approaching tasks and felicitates Global audit.

COMPAS - Compliance Management Software

RCS C-Docs helps organizations effectively audit processes to ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations. Internal assessments and supplier assessments can be scheduled, created and executed. CARs can be created from assessment findings when non-conformances are identified.

COMPAS  provides a flexible framework for uploading, approving, archiving and tracking all compliance related tasks. It has configurable review schedules and approval workflows to meet specific requirements. With RCS COMPAS compliance software, customers can rapidly identify, analyze and address compliance-related deficiencies and generate Corrective Action Requests (CARs) to prevent reoccurances.

Compliance related documents can be stored in COMPAS document repository. They can be labeled under multiple hirearchies. With COMPAS, customers can search and retrieve their important documents in a breeze.


RCS is in the business of delivering IT Services since 1991. Our systems and processes have evolved over a period of two decades. Our processes are automated with self built applications fine tuned to every customer’s need.

Compliance Management Process

Configure tasks

Configure COMPAS with tasks pertaining to any compliance. COMPAS will remember the frequency and output of each of these tasks. Users can upload these outputs to COMPAS.


COMPAS has configurable schedulers. These schedulers can trigger alerts at a set time prior to compliance due dates to remind stake holders of approching compliance tasks.

Send Reminders

COMPAS remembers approaching tasks and sends reminders to all stakeholders on preconfigured intervals. Triggers stop once the tasks are completed and approved by auditors.

Task Output

Once tasks are completed, the output can be uploaded into COMPAS. COMPAS has provision to take a comment, form or documents as output. These will go into the document store.


Uploaded documents are proof of compliance task completion. COMPAS triggers the auditor at this stage and these documents can be audited by teams from any Geography.

Document Store

All compliance documents can be stored in COMPAS. These documents go into the online store for future reference. COMPAS has a search engine to felicitate easy retrieval of documents.


Compliance managers can collaborate with service providers or outsource partners and ensure partners adhere to compliance.

Global Control

COMPAS has department and location hierarchies. Top management can get full visibility of status of compliance across all departments and divisions in multiple locations.

Document Store


Assist your organization to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance to ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other international standards for business, government and society

Facilitate the capture, management and communication of all required information across your organization

Ensure relevant members of your organization have the knowledge needed to comply and are current with their certification requirements

Maintain global management standards and procedures

Assess awareness and compliance of all members in the organization to company policies and legal regulatory requirements

Maintain a centralized system for compliance management