Mobirise review


Our flagship service is a comprehensive approach that cleanses and fortifies your fixed asset register to establish a stronger foundation for effective fixed asset management. In addition, fixed asset inventory and reconciliation services provide the necessary data visibility to avoid the risk of non-compliance with financial, tax and regulatory issues. 


Traxx is the oldest Fixed Asset Management Solution with our first installation in the late nineties. This product is the evolution of over ten thousand man hours with feedbacks from some of the best asset managers from Global MNCs.

FAIR Services

True representation of Fixed Assets in Balance Sheet

Fixed Assets Inventory

The fixed asset inventory and reconciliation approach, which has an unparalleled audit trail, is deemed by RCS clients as a methodology that bridges gaps typically experienced with traditional fixed asset “reviews”. In addition, RCS utilizes standard methodologies that take into account a variety of issues to ensure a successful and minimally disruptive project.

Wall to wall Physical Audit

Utilising state-of-the-art handheld technology to capture quality asset inventory data and creating a vehicle for more efficient cycle inventory by tagging all assets with a barcode or RFID label.

Floor-to-Book Reconciliation

Reconciliation of inventoried assets to a fixed asset ledger and other corporate asset management database (e.g. IT, Facilities, Maintenance, etc.). Detailed review and reconciliation of remaining capital assets not able to be inventoried, including real property, bulk assets, ghost assets, intangibles, etc.

Cost Componentization

Additional detailed cost componentization of capital equipment that creates the support needed for IFRS and re-classification of assets into more accelerated depreciation/personal property tax categories.